About Mirella Sementilli Wigs


The Designer

Mirella Sementilli Rota is an award winning Canadian hairdresser. Born in Ceprano, Italy, Mirella became a licensed hairdresser in 1983 and has proven her passion through her ability to conquer any hairstyle with finesse. Mirella’s success can be attributed to her enthusiasm for staying up to date with new concepts and the latest tools in the industry. With years of experience, many hairstylists have had the pleasure to be coached and educated by Mirella. Through her experience and travels, Mirella is aware of the changing trends and is continually looking for new opportunities to help make advancements in the hair and beauty community. Her latest venture is Mirella Sementilli Wigs.

The Vision

Mirella Sementilli Wigs is the sole wholesaler of an evolutionary product that aims to provide benefits for anyone looking for a fresh look that is natural and comfortable. Mirella Sementilli Wigs provides a blank canvas wig that customers can cut, colour and style on their own or with the help of their hairdresser. 

Mirella has brought this concept to fruition by creating a product that numerous businesses and people can rely on.

The Mirella Sementilli Wig can be used by hair colour manufacturers, hairdressing educators, fashion show stylists, red carpet attendees, actors, actresses, stunt doubles, bloggers, performers, session stylists, models, hairdressers, window dressers, patients suffering from hair loss and more. Mirella Sementilli Wigs prides itself on quality products, and is trusted by professionals. With Mirella Sementilli Wigs, there are endless possibilities.

The Product

The Mirella Sementilli Wig is a do-it-yourself wig that provides a blank canvas for those of all skill levels. If you have a difficult time finding a wig that matches your existing hair colour, this product is for you. The wig can be washed and toned numerous times without losing quality. The product is made of a lightweight mesh fabric that is breathable, soft, durable and hand knotted with 100% human hair. It has been designed with the concept of it being combed or styled in any direction while the adjustable straps allow for comfort.

Customers are to be reminded that Mirella Sementilli Wigs should be treated as if it is their own hair. The product can be shampooed and conditioned with deep conditioning formulas. When altering the wig with mousse, colour or any other product it is important to do a patch test on a section behind the neck.

The Process

All Mirella Sementilli Wigs are sold for wholesale. It is recommended that the product be taken to a reputable hairstylist, hairdresser, colour artists or other professional. After the purchase is made, the wigs are shipped from Canada and will arrive with care instructions that can be provided to the hair colourist of choice. Mirella Sementilli Wigs also has a series of Do-It-Yourself videos to help consumers create their look from start to finish. These wigs can be altered through simple methods using colour sprays, mousses, powders, shampoo, demi colour, food colouring and even powdered makeup. Consumers are urged to take caution as some colour may not permanently come off.